What the ‘Ealthy Elf did …

What exactly did our ‘Ealthy Elf on the Shelf get up to over the 12 days of Christmas … was he as naughty as he seemed?


Day 1

I was hiding from the Grotty Tooth Troll when I spied the chocolate Advent calendar he’d sent to trap me. Just before he pounced I climbed up into the branches of a handy tree nearby. The light was too much for the sour grump-bucket and I escaped.

Day 2

The Grotty Tooth Troll didn’t give up (they never give up) but the scattered sweet wrappers gave him away. I knew he’d been here and not very long ago! I had an idea and used Mr Pawley’s dental floss to hide in the stock cupboard.

Day 3

There was only one thing to do – I had to think of a way to defeat the Grotty Tooth Troll. Slowly, carefully, on the mirror, I wrote the magic words that all Grotty Tooth Trolls fear  “Always Brush your teeth!”  IN TOOTHPASTE. He fled out of the Surgery quicker than your eye can see – faster than the Tooth Fairy and faster than Father Christmas.

Day 4

Still feeling like a Superhero I decided to dress like a Superhero and practice my Batman impression … some days it’s just nice to be a Superhero.

Day 5

I was sure that the Grotty Tooth Troll wasn’t going to give up so easily. I needed a team of Superheroes to back me up. I got the Tooth Fairy, Smiling Croc and White Swan together for a lesson in Grotty Tooth Troll avoidance and in particular what food he likes best.

Day 6

I went fishing, I created an impression but what I needed was a plan.

Day 7

I decided to set a trap and roped in Verity the Dental Nurse to help. She set me up with a SUGAR-FREE sandpit … where I sat and waited.

Day 8

And waited … and still I waited …. it was a waiting game …

Day 9

The Grotty Tooth Troll was too clever to fall for it. As much as he LOVES sugar he HATES sugar-free and he was having none of that!

Day 10

That was where Mr Farr found me and seeing my predicament he agreed to help.

I went outside to pretend to surrender to the foul-breathed fiend whilst Mr Farr hid behind the door.

The Grotty Tooth Troll almost, almost, very nearly, made a hole and grabbed me but Mr Farr and my trusty team of Superheroes saved the day with toothpaste and a toothbrush. They fought him for 2 whole minutes and then he melted away.

Day 11

I put all the anti-Grotty Tooth Troll gadgets I could think of from the Store Cupboard into a basket. Then I snuggled in and had the best sleep since my adventures began.

Day 12

Mr Farr checked my teeth and gums and gave me a Superhero sticker. I’d managed to outwit the Grotty Tooth Troll.

And then I went home.