What the CQC Inspector did!

We have to wait a few weeks for the final CQC report to be published but they did give us a few headlines at the end of the day and we’ve seen the draft report too.

We will link to the final report when it comes out so it is easy for you to find.

What they did

We had two inspectors who went out of their way to put our team at ease to help them share their clinical practice effectively. They were very methodical and clearly knowledgeable and asked us lots of questions. They got our two newest team members to walk through our clinical processes. They also looked at our systems and processes for managing the practice and how we make sure we maintain compliance with the regulations we have to meet. They also looked for good/best practice. The focus throughout the day was on our patient care and how we look after our dental team so they can look after you!

What they said

This is the feedback they gave us on 8 key points:

  • Good leadership and organisation within practice clinical and empowered practice management
  • Effective system for reporting and recording incidents
  • Staff supported developmentally and have appraisals
  • Infection control procedures in accordance with guidelines
  • Positive responses from patients – 45 comment cards received all positive
  • Complaints handled in accordance with regulations – responded to appropriately and timely
  • Staff told us they felt respected, valued and supported
  • Regular team meetings are held and staff feel involved in decisions about the management and future of the practice.

What happens next

They write a draft report which goes through an internal review and approval process. They have now sent this to us so we have an opportunity to let them know if any facts are inaccurate.

Once that process is complete they will publish the report on their website. What you will see are green ticks or grey crosses against 5 key lines of enquiry (or KLOEs):

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Caring
  • Responsive
  • Well-led

All Dental Practices should expect to be inspected at least once a decade but because they only inspect 10% of Dental Practices in any one year they have decided not to rate the practices inspected as that might give them an unfair advantage. If you want to find out more about the Care Quality Commission and how they regulate Dental Practices in the UK, they have lots of information on the CQC website.