Kate (GDC 11145) joined the team at Broad Street Dental Surgery in 2015 and splits her time between Herefordshire and Wales where she also works. She already knew Kay having taught her when she was a lecturer at Cardiff University.

Kate qualified as a dental therapist in 1997 and a dental hygienist in 1999.

Originally from Derbyshire, Kate moved to Wales when she was 15. She started out as a Saturday girl in her local dental practice where she now works as a dental hygienist.

She gets up to lots of adventures with her Border Collie Stan which she is happy to describe to anyone keen to listen!

Her long walks with Stan inspired Kate to become a community litter picker and to volunteer for Keep Wales Tidy. In a dog eat dog world Kate is also a volunteer for SLS (Street Life Sarnies), helping those who are homeless in Bristol and South Wales.